Retro ham radio

Someone on #hamradio posted this today:


LOVE it. The guy's wife is bringing him a Miller (note the label) on a tray with a glass, and his chair cushion totally has his call embroidered on it. And you know the beer glass is frosted also. He doesn't drink beer out of an unchilled glass like a savage. This is how I envision ham radio : )

I've gotten no operating done lately, not even listening to sats. I still haven't finished the diplexer for the IOio antenna. I just finished moving to a new apartment though, and the unpacking is nearly done. I want to get the IOio project finished soon, and then think about putting up a new HF antenna. After some investigation, I think I'm going to try putting up a 120 meter sorta-loop. If I'm lucky, I should end up with something that is usable on 80-10m. If I'm not lucky, I will probably suck it up and just get a buddipole, and set it up when I want to operate. I don't think it will be feasible for me to set up a regular wire dipole at my new place without pissing off the landlord.

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