K2 build project: RF board part 2

Life has intervened a bit lately, and I've had less time to work on the K2 than I would like. I've slowly plodded through the second phase of RF board construction, and last week I was able to see the fruits of my labors. I put everything back together, powered it on, and did not see smoke! Furthermore, after working through the alignment procedure, I was able to hear CW on 40m with a 10 foot length of speaker wire as an antenna! That was really gratifying. I originally wanted to post an MP3 of that, but I ended up impatiently pressing on with the third and final phase of the board, which is now nearly complete. The following photos are just phase 2.

This board is a retrofit that adds thermistor discipline to the K2's PLL, for a more stable clock.


Thermistor retrofit installed in the lower left corner.


Lots of capacitors installed.


Test points (yellow pegs) and crystals installed.


My first toroid.


Everything put back together for testing at the end of phase 2.


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